C# Extension Methods

C# Extension Methods

This Tutorial Will Explain All About C# Extension Methods. You will Learn to Work with C# extension methods Including their specifications and benefits. What are the C# Extension Methods? C# Extension methods are static methods, as the name suggests, are additional methods. Extension methods allow you to inject additional methods without modifying, deriving, or recompiling the …

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Exception Handling in C#

Exception Handling in C#

Exception handling in C# – In this article, we will learn, what is an exception, what the different types of exceptions are, How to handle exceptions, and how to create a custom exception. What is Exception? Exception is an error or unwanted result in the application. The exceptions are anomalies that occur during the execution …

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Garbage collection in C#

Garbage Collection in C#

What is Garbage collection in C#? Memory management is the main concern for any application whether an application is window based or web-based. Garbage collection in C# is an automated process of Common Language Runtime (CLR). In .Net, CLR has a garbage collector that executes as a part of our program and responsible for reclaiming …

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