Exception Handling in C#

Exception handling in C# – In this article, we will learn, what is an exception, what the different types of exceptions are, How to handle exceptions, and how to create a custom exception. What is Exception? Exception is an error or unwanted result in the application. The exceptions are anomalies that occur during the execution … Read more

Garbage collection in C#

What is Garbage collection in C#? Memory management is the main concern for any application whether an application is window based or web-based. Garbage collection in C# is an automated process of Common Language Runtime (CLR). In .Net, CLR has a garbage collector that executes as a part of our program and responsible for reclaiming … Read more


Why Xamarin?– When considering how to build iOS and Android applications, many people think that the native languages, Objective-C, Swift, and Java, are the only choice. However, over the past few years, an entirely new ecosystem of platforms for building mobile applications has emerged. Xamarin is unique in this space.  We can use Xamarin to … Read more

C# DateTime Format

C# DateTime class in C# provides properties and methods to format dates in different DateTime formats. This article explains how to work with the C# DateTime format Including Timer and Sleep Methods. Lets Starts with C# DateTime Object– DateTime is a Struct in the System namespace. It helps the developers to retrieve information about system date, time, … Read more

Introduction to dot net framework

Here in this article, we will see what is dot net framework and basic concepts of the .NET framework. What is .NET framework? DOT NET is a software platform. It’s a language-neutral environment for developing DOT NET applications that can easily and securely operate within it. The first version of the .Net framework was released … Read more


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